If we are found Dead by William Cooper

If we are found Dead by William Cooper

The following article has been taken from the old Hour of the Time website and was written by William Cooper

If we are found dead it will NEVER be because we committed suicide. It will be cold-blooded murder, just as they did at Ruby Ridge, The World Trade Center, Waco, and Oklahoma City.

We are pro-government, lawful government, lawful Constitutional Republican government as guaranteed to us in the Constitution for the United States of America. We know what the government is and what it is not. We know that the Constitution for the United States of America constitutes the lawful government and anything or anyone outside its strictures, limits, and powers is operating unlawfully and are in fact outlaws. 

We are intelligent law abiding reasonable People who have drawn our line in the sand. Our enemy will attempt to demonize us in order to obtain the public’s permission to murder our whole family just as they did the Weaver family and the Branch Davidians at Waco, Texas. I never thought I would hear so-called Christians whose ancestors fled the old world to escape religious persecution say, “The Branch Davidians deserved what they got… they were just a bunch of religious fanatics,” but I heard so-called Christians say it over and over and over again. No People should ever be forced to live in the aura of FEAR that permeates this nation today.

We know that the Constitution was not penned by a bunch of doddering old men who did not understand the complexities of the modern age over two hundred years ago. The Constitution was produced by the greatest collection of geniuses who have ever lived. It is the LIVING Supreme Law of our country. It provides within the document itself the provisions for us to make any changes that we may deem necessary. Only a very few changes (Amendments) have ever been made. Those changes or deletions wished for by the socialist/communist Illuminati have been rejected by the American People. That last fact necessitates the demonization of the Constitution and all who support it. I have served my government all my life. I have been a member of the United States Air Force and the United States Navy. I am a combat veteran of the Vietnam war. I fought as a River Patrol Boat Captain in Vietnam earning medals with the “V” for Valor. I took an Oath to, “support and defend the Constitution for the United States of America against all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC.” I intend to fulfil that Oath until the day I die… and after, if that is possible.

We hope to win this battle although the odds and history tell us that we won’t. If we win then all America wins… if we lose the subversive Illuminati socialists in government and the ADL will LOSE big time. We are not afraid. I have engaged and fought better troops than any of the techno-spoiled brats they can or will ever field against us. In any case, whatever happens, we as a family will be Free… and due to the sheer volume of our work that is in public hands, we will never be forgotten. It makes me very sad to know that all of you will still be enslaved by tyrants and despotism in a totalitarian socialist new world odour (really stinks)… unless you also draw your line and take your stand to fight the last battle for Liberty and Freedom. Please pray for us and keep coming back to our web page Williamcooper.net We will keep it updated adding information, documenting, and sourcing our position within the Law, and the corrupted Illuminati puppets despotic and tyrannical disregard and contempt for the Law. Who knows… you may even become awakened and join the fight for Liberty and Freedom for all People regardless of race, religion, or place of ancestral origin.

In God we trust.

William Cooper, Annie Cooper, Dorothy Cooper, Allyson Cooper


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